What to Wear for Engagement Photos

Obviously you want to look your best for engagement photos, but I’ve often seen couples show up to shoots so stressed because of trying to decide what to wear, and as a result, they are tense during the shoot. Hopefully this post will help you enjoy getting ready for your engagement photos rather than stress about it. I know what it’s like to stand in the middle of the bedroom with piles of clothes surrounding you feeling like nothing looks right.

The most important thing I tell couples is to be yourself and wear something you are comfortable in and love! (Sorry, that doesn’t mean wearing your favourite sweatpants and hoodie.) Engagement sessions are all about capturing who you are as a couple and showing your personalities. If you pick an outfit that isn’t “you”, you won’t feel comfortable, and it will show in the photos. I can’t stress this point enough. Don’t wear something you wouldn’t normally wear.

Keep in mind your body type. You probably know what styles look best on you – stick to that rather than choosing an outfit just because it’s in style and you like how it looks on a manikin. If you’re self-conscious about how you look, it’s going to be harder to capture those candid moments of the two of you in love.

Make sure your outfits coordinate and complement each other, but don’t match. Consider wearing complimentary colours rather than wearing the exact same colour. Many people decide to go for neutral colours which is great, but don’t be afraid to embrace the bold colours. They stand out and create interest in images (especially during seasons where there isn’t a lot of colour). Also dress on the same scale; you should either both go casual or both dress formal. Outfit changes are always welcome, so consider putting together a fun, casual outfit as well as a nice formal outfit.

As Manitobans, we have the extra added challenge of having to dress for the season. You may have planned your engagement shoot for a specific season because you love the fall colours, or wanted a wintery look, or maybe you wanted a warm summer session on the beach… but sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate. This probably goes without saying, but if it’s a cold winter day, wearing thin clothes will just make you look cold and miserable. Also, rain can lead to incredible images, but make sure you’re dressed for it.

Ladies, I recommend hiring someone to do your hair and makeup or planning your wedding trial run for the same day. For women like me who don’t wear a lot of makeup and can’t follow those YouTube make-up tutorials, having someone else do your makeup is a small investment to make you feel more confident.

Here are a couple additional tips for those of you who are still unsure of what to wear:
-Stay away from words and logos.
-Accessories are great and add interest, but don’t over-do it. After all, the focus should be on the two of you.
-Shoes matter. Guys, please don’t wear those neon orange runners or your dirty work boots.
Ladies, I’m all for you rocking those brand new heels, but consider the location of the shoot when deciding what shoes to wear. Consider wearing comfortable shoes to walk around in and bring along heels for the actual shots.
-Guys, as much as I love baseball caps, please leave those at home so we can see your face!


In the end, even if you don’t make the best wardrobe choices, these photos are ultimately about capturing the love and affection between the two of you. People will notice your connection in the photos more than what you’re wearing. Enjoy your photo shoot and have fun!

To see some examples of how other couples have dressed for their engagement session, check out these engagement photos.


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