Tristan & Jessica / Engaged

Sometimes when I do engagement shoots, the couples are nervous and have no idea how to act or “pose” at the beginning – it sometimes takes a while before they loosen up and realize that I’m there to put them at ease and tell them what to do… well that was not a problem for Tristan and Jessica. They were so into each other, that my job was so easy. If I told them to cuddle, they cuddled. If I told them to get close, they got close. But really, I didn’t have to tell them anything because they WANTED to get close and gaze into each others eyes and laugh with each other.

I was hoping for a sunny day, but I somehow always plan shoots on overcast days. However, these two made an ugly day in March with dead branches, slush, mucky paths, and a cold wind look beautiful.

I’m so excited to photograph their wedding this summer!


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