Martins / Lifestyle Newborn Session

Welcome to the world, not-so-little Jayce. This big guy did not want to come out and gave his mom a very difficult time, but they made it through healthy and strong. When Caylyn sent me a photo of Jayce shortly after he was born, I was immediately in love. I sure hope he keeps those pudgy cheeks for a long time.

I don’t get to see this family nearly as much as I would like, but they are dear friends. I had the privilege of being a bridesmaid in their wedding, and I am excited to see how their family continues to grow. Caylyn and Ryan are both so great with kids and I knew long before they ever had a kid of their own that they would be fantastic parents. It’s so cool to see how they work together and how having a baby doesn’t take away from their love for each other, but has made it stronger.


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