Lake Lousie

Last weekend I photographed a wedding in Red Deer, and decided I needed to make the most of being in Alberta and take a day to see Lake Louise. This was my first time there! (I know, it might be hard to believe that I’m Canadian and had never been there before.)

I love photographing landscapes and nature in my free time when I go hiking, but I don’t normally post those images. They usually stay on my computer and are rarely seen by others. But Lake Louise is much too beautiful a place to keep these photos to myself.

We (a long time family friend and I) hiked up to Mirror Lake and then at the top, Lake Agnes, where there is the cutest tea house. It was absolutely freezing and it started sleeting, but the view was unbeatable.

I would LOVE to photograph a wedding, elopement, or engagement shoot here one day!

(Click photos to view them larger)


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