Killian / Newborn Lifestyle Session

I always love photographing this family and feel so honoured to have had the privilege of photographing them several times including Vanessa’s pregnancy announcement with Killian (that shoot is linked at the end of this post). Killian sure took his time making an entrance into the world, but that extra time did wonders to his cuteness.

Photographing kids is a wild card – you never know how they will behave. Sometimes there’s a lot of tears and chaos. Sometimes they don’t give in to bribery and would rather not cooperate for photos. Even the kids who are always good and obedient can choose to act out during a photo session. Or they choose that day to not sleep during nap time. And that’s 100% ok! When families hire me for family photos, I don’t expect their kids to be perfect. I don’t expect that they will listen and sit still for me. I will follow them around as they play and snap those candid moments of them being a kid! I will wait patiently for that split second where they stop crying. I will capture who they are – their curiosity, stubbornness, sweetness, innocence, mischievousness, love, playfulness – and those are the photos that mean more than the perfectly posed ones.

To see their last family lifestyle shoot (including their pregnancy announcement that they would become a family of four!), click here. It was one of my all-time favourite family sessions, so you should check it out.


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