I am an African at heart – born and raised in Kenya – slowly learning how to adapt to prairie life and attempting to embrace Manitoba winters. I am an adventurer and my approach to photography is rooted in my background growing up overseas. I draw inspiration from my travels and the world around me – the people in it as well as the earth itself. I have always been drawn to light, and my fascination with it plays a key role in my photography. 

I run my photography business with integrity and honesty. I value my clients and their opinions and believe that respect for them, combined with technical proficiency and an artistic eye leads to photos that will endure.

 I’m married to an amazing man who is my biggest supporter and encourager in my business. We have the cutest little dog, Scooter, who knows how to get her way with her good looks. I love spending time outdoors adventuring and being active. I am obsessed with interior decorating and also do lots of real estate photography which I love. But none of these things really define who I am; I hope to be defined by my faith and my relationship with God.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and viewing my work. I’d love to meet you and hear your story! Head on over to the contact page if you would like to connect.