Celia & Eric / Forest Engagement Session

I love it when my clients find the most magical location for their engagement photos. You can never go wrong with a forest, but this? This was the perfect place (and had the added bonus of giving shelter from the incredibly cold wind).

Here’s a funny story. When I first met with Celia and Eric, we were sitting in a coffee shop getting to know each other, discussing their wedding as well as what I provide for wedding photography. They were flipping through a sample album of a wedding I had previously shot when all of a sudden the groom stops and asks, “Where were these photos taken?” When I told him, he said, “That’s my parents’ property!”. Neither of us had any idea of that connection before. He didn’t know I had taken photos there before, and I didn’t know that was his parents who owned the place. The bride had arranged to take photos on that property. We were going to do Celia and Eric’s engagement photos there as well, but then Eric found an even better option close-by.

Celia and Eric are such an incredible couple and I am so thrilled to be photographing their wedding in just a few short weeks!


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