Alyssa & Avi / Hawthorne Estates Wedding

I first had the privilege of meeting and photographing Alyssa a year and a half ago when she graduated from nursing school. She and three of her nursing friends decided to do a celebratory photo shoot as a last hurrah before each going their separate ways and starting their careers. I was immediately drawn to Alyssa and her kind personality.

Although I didn’t really get to know Avi until the wedding, it didn’t take long to determine that he and Alyssa make a great couple. Throughout all the speeches, everyone confirmed this fact. They both deeply love and care about the other person and are stronger together.

I loved every part of their wedding. There were so many sweet moments and tears from the getting ready part of the day to the ceremony to the reception. And I’m so glad Avi and Alyssa braved the cold in the evening to do some creative outdoor portraits. (Scroll to the end for those!)

On a sad note, shortly after this wedding, their reception venue (Hawthorne Estates) burned to the ground. So devastating for the amazing couple who owns the place as well as the brides who had hoped to get married there! But the good news is, they’re rebuilding! I can’t wait to see their new venue opening in 2018.


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